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Mark Beatty
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For the past while, I've been noticing that the last page of my gallery had seemed stuck at 209....yes 209. Upon investigation, I found that there seemed to be a limit to my gallery. So I checked the FAQ's, and used a bunch of different search strings, but found nothing saying there was a gallery limit. In fact, I found a question that seemed to say you could submit as much as you wanted.

Thus I was left to conclude that there was a bug of some kind. So I contacted the Help Desk.

They were very prompt in getting back to me, but what I was told is that there is something called a 'gallery browse limit', and that that limit is 5000 deviations. This means I currently have over 3000 deviations that are now missing/not being displayed (all my oldest submissions over 5000), in my gallery.

What is more confusing, is that on my homepage, my deviation count has never stopped going up. Currently it shows over 8300.

Shouldn't you get a warning about this at some point? Where are my 3300 deviations? At first, I thought they had fallen off the edge of the my gallery. One of my DD's is now not viewable in my gallery!! But stranger still - I found that if I sorted my gallery using the 'Popular' option, boom!!, my DD appears at the top, and many other of the deviations that were missing, but met the requirements of the sorting by Popular. So, they are not totally gone....I even tried deleting new deviations, thinking this would cause the older ones to reappear, but that only caused my last page to go to 208, and none of the older deviations showed up.


So, a bit of good news....kinda sorta.....

But 1st - If you submit like crazy, like me, you have to treat your Featured Gallery literally. It should only contain work you want to Feature. There is a limit of 5000 viewable deviations in the Featured Gallery. Move (not copy) any deviations you don't wanted featured, into folders that you create.

2nd - Have you ever noticed that the Featured Gallery, and your personal folders, are the only pages in your gallery that have a page counter at the bottom of the page? If you use the ALL options (Newest or Popular), you can only skip ahead, one page at a time (this is important).

3rd - now the good news. If you use either of the 'ALL' options - if you are already over the 5000 limit, all of your deviations are here!!! However, you can only go through them this way, one page at a time (you can't skip ahead). But once you get to those deviations, you can copy them in to folders, that are more easily searched. Copy is your only option.

4th - So to do this, you have to (at least once) select the ALL option in your gallery, and go through it page by page, until your reach the deviations that are not in your viewable, Featured gallery. This is a lot of work, but create bookmarks every few pages. If you are going to do this work, you probably won't be able to do it all in one shot. If you create bookmarks, at least you can leave and come back later, and pick up where you left off, and not have to get back to where you were, page by page again. You should only have to do this with the deviations beyond the limit. Once you have done everything you want with these, you can go back and use the Featured Gallery, and move or copy these to your folders. And once you have your Featured gallery trimmed back down below the limit, I assume you can copy older deviations back in to the Featured Gallery.

At this point, I'm going to do something with my gallery, but I'm not exactly sure what. I need to wrap my head around all of this first, and what folders I'm going to create. But change is coming.

Lastly, I still don't know if there is a limit within the folders you create. And I'm not exactly sure that my Featured Gallery is not completely broken, but I will update as I do the work.

This is all very confusing, especially if you have gone over the limit. Please ask questions. I will try to answer any I can.

Update - February 18:
Well the work is now done.

1) I created several personal folders, and copied all of my work from the ALL section, in to the appropriate folders. If you choose to do this, use lots of bookmarks as you go through the ALL section to get to the end. And yes, all 8300 of my works were there. Once the devs are in your personal folders, this makes them a little more accessible too,  as there will now be pages and page searching at the bottom of each page. I also found no limit within folders I created (and a couple folders are close to 100 pages long - I don't have a paid account, so that is 100x24 deviations).

2) Because I had gone over the 5000 viewing limit in the Featured section, I was forced to demolish this section and start again. I deleted everything in it, and built it up by copying works from my personal folders back in to it. And I did this, keeping in mind the function of the Featured Gallery - which is to Feature your best work. So i was picky, and will be picky moving forwards. I am nowhere near the limit now.

3) The last thing I learned was that the submission page has changed subtly over the years. I never really realized that every time I submitted, it was defaulting to the Featured Gallery. If you scroll way down on the submission page, you can actually choose which folders you wish to submit to, and you can also check a box for it to remember your settings. I have it set to submit to my personal folders now, and I will manually update my Featured Gallery from here on in.

4) Lastly, I did all of this in my paid account as well now. However, I had not gone over the limit there, so all in all, it was an easier process.

Crisis averted. But the facts are, if you have gone over the limit in your Featured Gallery, and want to fix it, it is going to take some work putting it to rights.

- Mark

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